St Augustine’s Church, Gloucester

Total Lighting & Controls won the contract to replace the existing lighting in The Nave and Sanctuary in St Augustine’s Church, Gloucester. The Soledo 22 Watt LED downlight was proposed to replace the fluorescent downlights in The Nave. The ceiling height of nearly 8 metres provided a challenging installation by motorised access equipment from below […]

Dentist needs TLC

Portman Smile clinic in Camberley, Surrey invited Total Lighting & Controls to replace their aging halogen downlights situated in the reception area and corridor. Light levels were poor and failure rates were high, which meant expensive replacement bills. The solution we offered was to replace the halogen downlights with the Soledo LED downlight and the […]

Car Park Lighting

Grangefield Primary School in Bishop’s Cleeve Gloucestershire had new LED car park lighting installed in 2017. Three of the new lights, mounted on columns had failed and had not worked correctly for some time, so Total Lighting & Controls were asked to investigate the reason for the failure. The initial investigation found issues with the […]

Dinglewell Infant School

Total Lighting & Controls have completed the upgrade of fluorescent lighting to LED at Dinglewell Infant School in Gloucester. The old fluorescent lighting was inefficient, unreliable and provided poor lighting levels. The school business manager instructed Total Lighting & Controls to replace the lighting during the summer holidays when there would be no children on […]

Coberley Primary School Lighting Upgrade

Total Lighting & Controls have recently upgraded the lighting to LED in one of the classrooms at Coberley Primary School in Gloucestershire. The old fluorescent lighting was in desperate need of replacing due to failures and the constant humming was becoming a distraction to pupils. The solution was to replace the lighting with new 1200 […]