Car Park Lighting

Grangefield Primary School in Bishop’s Cleeve Gloucestershire had new LED car park lighting installed in 2017. Three of the new lights, mounted on columns had failed and had not worked correctly for some time, so Total Lighting & Controls were asked to investigate the reason for the failure.

The initial investigation found issues with the controls which were rectified and the first light in the circuit then switched on. Further checks determined a problem with an underground wiring joint and a broken cable, which meant that the other two lights would not turn on. The joint was found to be next to the first column so an excavation took place and the joint was replaced. Rather than dig up the car park to replace the broken cable a new cable was taken from a nearby wall light, which was on the same electrical circuit, and taken under a grass verge to connect the other two lights. All three lights then worked correctly.

The site manager was delighted that Total Lighting & Controls had rectified the problem after all the previous issues trying to get the lighting repaired with no success. The car park is now well lit and the health and safety is no longer a concern.