Case Study – Cheltenham Swimming Pool

Cheltenham Swimming PoolCheltenham Swimming Pool reduces annual running costs by 53% and more than doubles light levels in the process

Project Details

Council owned Cheltenham Swimming Pool required higher levels of light to better see swimmers and improve the overall look of the facility. Areas of the pool bottom were dimly lit and hard to see in to.

This affected the performance of the pool, notably their diving board area and the general quality and visibility of light for the life guards. The original installation was in poor condition, showing its age and was in need of refurbishment.

Initially equipped with 60 x 400W High Intensity Discharge (HID) fittings burning for 3500 hours per year, the installation had a total wattage of 6 kW and consumed 153,754kWh of electricity per year
– generating an annual bill in excess of £20,908.

The previous installation also needed high levels of maintenance due to the short lifespan of the high intensity lamps; this resulted in an extra £2,000 per year in maintenance costs in addition to the high electricity costs and closures while maintenance and replacements were taking place.

By visiting the site and assessing its needs, Total Lighting was able to optimise a fixture layout to maximise the light uniformity and improve luminance in key areas, while also reducing the total number of fixtures needed.

These features of the Eco-Range solution made a huge difference to the Cheltenham Swimming Pool operation and to the satisfaction of the management and employee team. Total Lighting recommended the high brightness EcoFlood 130’s with an 70+ Colour Rendering Index.

EcoFlood 130 fittings have greatly increased luminance levels to 210 lux and also made seeing all corners of the swimming pool readily visible.

The site survey and optimised design used only 52 x 130W Eco-Range fittings. This reduced the energy consumption from 153,754kWh to 72,684kWh and an energy bill saving of £11,024. Light level readings now average 210 lux across the Swimming Pool, which is in line with CIBSE guidelines.

The EcoRange provides high power, high efficiency white LED lighting backed by our commitment to quality, reliability, and durability.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and qualify for the ECA rebate which helps achieve a high return on investment for our customers. We take pride in our renowned pedigree of creating and providing outstanding products giving our customers excellent value for money.

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Download the full case study here which highlights the savings achieved – 

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New Eco-Flood Lighting
52 x 130W Eco Flood130 fittings

Cheltenham Swimming Pool