GL1 DPC Single Gang PIR Dimmer

The GI1DPC Single Gang PIR Dimmer Single gang PIR Dimmer replaces a standard light switch or dimmer, turns on / off automatically.

PDS Presence Detection Switch

The PDS presence detection switch replaces a standard single gang light switch. It detects movement using a PIR sensor and turns the lights on, (either incandescent and fluorescent loads). An internal light sensor is provided for additional energy saving.

ELLIPSE KH2 Time Lag Switch

The ELLIPSE and KH2 time lag switches are a quick and effective way to reduce energy consumption for lighting applications. Pressing the button or touch pad brings the lights on; the lights will then switch off automatically after a preset time period has elapsed.

EBDSPIR Dimming Ceiling Detector

The EBDSPIRD ceiling mounted occupancy control will turn on when a moving body is detected in a room. The range of detection is shown overleaf. When the body is no longer detected, the units will switch off after an adjustable time period. If the body moves within this time period, the timing will be reset.

EBDSPIR PRM Presence / Absence Detector

The EBDSPIR-PRM PIR (passive infrared) detector provides automatic control of lighting loads with
optional manual control. It can be used on incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting, and has the added benefit of being able to connect an external switch.