Church lighting installation at Hartpury Methodist Church

Hartpury Church New LightingTotal Lighting & Controls have just completed another church lighting installation at Hartpury Methodist Church in Gloucestershire.

The existing halogen spotlights were difficult and expensive to maintain due to the 6.5 metre height they were installed at. Total Lighting & Controls were contacted and asked if we could supply and install a new lighting system which would be easier to maintain, be more efficient and improve the light levels.

The new pendant lighting system was suspended at 4.0 metres making maintenance much easier, and with two 42 Watt compact fluorescent lamps in each light fitting the running costs were reduced, light levels were improved, and additional light was projected onto the ornate wooden ceiling with the clear polycarbonate diffusers. Two additional 25 Watt LED spotlights were installed at 3.5 metres height, one each side of the Chancel to provide a higher light level when required.

Externally two halogen floodlights controlled with movement sensors were replaced with LED. One of the floodlights was mounted at 5.0metres so maintenance was extremely difficult. LED lighting provided the ideal solution with the 50,000 hour life, eliminating the expensive maintenance and significantly reducing running costs.