Coberley Primary School Lighting Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade to LED
Coberley Primary School upgrade classroom lighting to LED

Total Lighting & Controls have recently upgraded the lighting to LED in one of the classrooms at Coberley Primary School in Gloucestershire.

The old fluorescent lighting was in desperate need of replacing due to failures and the constant humming was becoming a distraction to pupils. The solution was to replace the lighting with new 1200 x 600 LED panels which provide instant bright white light with no annoying flicker or humming. Long life will also provide a reduction in expensive maintenance costs.

The additional benefit of lower energy costs were provided by reducing the existing electrical load of 1.36kW down to 400W. In monetary terms this will be savings of approximately £184.00 per annum (71%), plus 829kg of CO2.

Staff at the school are delighted with how bright the classroom is now and no more annoying humming.