Cotswold Wines in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Simon Griffiths. Owner of Cotswold Wines.

When we recently set up a new wine shop in Cirencester one of the first things we had to get sorted were the lights. Old (really old) fluorescent tubing and worse were in place. Rob visited, took great care in getting a feel for the room (including where our displays were going to be) and developed a plan to ensure the right light was in the right places. The work itself was completed quickly and professionally (with no mess left at all). Plus, where there was a slight issue – with an existing switch – Rob arranged for that to be looked at as part of a snagging process and was resolved quickly and without fuss. Top marks – and best of all, cheaper bills with Rob’s great selection of energy efficient lights, great colour reproduction on our labels, and even customer comments about how bright and welcoming the shop is! Quite an achievement for a long, narrow space