Display Lighting

Total Lighting & Controls recently replaced the low voltage display lighting at St Edward’s Hall in the centre of Stow-in-the-Wold in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. Due to the lighting being installed above the stairway at a height of four metres it was difficult and expensive to maintain, and because of it’s age it was continually failing. The recommendation was to replace the low voltage lighting track with mains voltage, and replace the 50 watt halogen spotlights with highly efficient 13 watt AZUMA LED spotlights. The AZUMA LED spotlights have a life expectancy of over 59,000 hours , so maintenance costs have been almost eliminated. A five year warranty is provided for a complete piece of mind. Savings on energy costs will be 74%, and with a 2,200 lumen light output the illumination on the stairway has  been improved dramatically. The warm light provided also enhances the colours of the pictures on the walls. The Azuma provides the complete lighting solution for this environment. If you own a gallery, or shop, and wish to improve the lighting why not contact Total Lighting & Controls to see what solutions we can offer you?