Dulwich College Exterior Lighting Improvements

FullSizeRender 2The prestigious Dulwich College in South London contacted Total Lighting & Controls early in 2015 requesting a site survey of the exterior lighting. The brief was to improve the light levels in the car parks, playgrounds and walkways from the listed Barry building through to the Junior School. The existing sodium lighting not only provided poor lighting levels, but was expensive to run and to maintain.

The suggestion was to upgrade to LED lighting, not only providing a bright white light, to improve lighting levels, but reduced the running costs and eliminated the maintenance due to the long lifetime of the LED’s. Each existing 70 Watt sodium streetlight was replaced with the SM30 LED streetlight with a 30 Watt electrical output. At the same time the two 400 Watt floodlights illuminating the front of the Barry building were replaced with Amethyst 300 Watt LED floodlights. Lighting bollards had the lamps replaced with LED. SG15 LED park lights replaced column lighting and the clock tower illumination was also upgraded to LED lighting.

The existing lighting had a total electrical load of 8.83KW costing in the region of £4K per annum to run. This was reduced to 2.8KW costing approximately £1.4K per annum, a saving of 49% on electrical costs. Added to these savings expensive maintenance costs have been eliminated.

All the installation works were undertaken during the half term holidays to overcome difficult access and health and safety issues during normal term times.

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