Great Feedback for Stroud Museum Lighting Project

Great Feedback for Stroud Museum Lighting ProjectFollowing our recent lighting project with the Museum in the Park, Stroud in Gloucestershire we received this wonderful feedback from Kevin Ward, the Museum Development Manager for Stroud District Council;

“Lighting any museum is always a challenge, in particular at the Museum in the Park, being located in a 17th Century mansion with a modern extension, we needed a spotlight unit that would work across different rooms and needs – low ceilings, high ceilings, large rooms, small rooms, 2D and 3D objects and in some areas acting as comfort lighting for visitors. Our previous spotlights consisted of 296 50W halogen spots, we had different colour temperatures and were replacing the bulbs with regular frequency as well as the units produced a lot of unwanted heat (equivalent to a 2.5Kw heater).”

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of the lamps specified for us by Total Lighting and Controls.”

“The 165 new LED spots have reduced our Co2 emissions as well as providing a consistent level of lighting across the Museum and reducing the need to always be replacing bulbs (50,000hrs (LED) vs 2,000hrs (Halogen)). The LED spots have also enabled new detail in objects and paintings to be visible that previously was ‘hidden’. We have a wonderful large painting at the top of the mansion main stairs of a view across Stroud from Rodborough, painted in around 1848. The new lighting means the sky now looks blue and the clouds white without an orange tinge and we even noticed that one of the Victorian ladies had a lovely green sun umbrella – not black as previously thought – a great detail to point out to our many visitors.”