Group HES hydraulic supplies upgrades

Group HES hydraulic supplies and fluid transfer of Gloucester contacted Total Lighting & Controls requesting a site survey of their existing lighting. The survey was undertaken and a proposal was submitted to replace the old T12 fluorescent lighting, which was expensive to run and maintain, with energy efficient LED luminaires. The suggested LED light fittings installed were the Stanley LED panels in the offices and EcoSTAR linear LED throughout the rest of the site. Lighting controls were utilised to turn lighting off when the area was unoccupied, and EcoSense lighting control systems were installed to dim lights when ambient light levels were sufficient.

The existing fluorescent electrical load of 35.83KW costing approximately £8,590.00 per annum to run was reduced to 12.06KW, costing in the region of £3,670.00 per annum. Therefore, saving of £4,920.00 per annum were predicted (57%) equating to 18.9t of CO2 per annum. Maintenance costs were also eliminated with the long life LED lighting and light levels were also dramatically improved with the bright white flicker free LED.


Group HES under mezzanine before

Group HES office before




Group HES Office LED

Group HES Mega LEDGroup HES under mezzanine LEDGroup HES corridor LED