Highworth Leisure Centre Sports Hall Lighting Upgrade

Highworth leisure centre sports hall lighting has just been upgraded by Total Lighting & Controls.

Thirty sodium light fittings were replaced with twenty four Insignia LED luminaires. The old sodium lighting was a mixture of 250 watt and 400 watt fixtures providing a total electrical load of 11.5Kw, costing in the region of £5,000.00 per annum to run.

The new Insignia LED DALI dimming luminaires have an output of 121 watt, providing a total load of 2.9Kw and annual running costs of £1,200.00.

Therefore predicted savings for Highworth Leisure Centre  of £3,800.00 per annum (75%) equate to 16.9t of CO2 savings annually. The old light levels of 200 lux were increased to 500 lux with LED, providing an improved sporting environment.

In addition the old lighting control was updated to a multi PIR system with wireless connectivity to improve coverage and to provide dimming control with a remote user hand set.



Before Upgrade