Industrial Lighting Upgrade

Permali AfterPermali Gloucester Ltd invited Total Lighting & Controls to tender for a lighting upgrade to LED and a rewire of the lighting circuits in the two press halls.

The tender application was successful and seventy existing 250Watt sodium discharge lights were removed, the rewire undertaken, and sixty nine EcoSTAR Space LED 16000 lumen 116Watt luminaires were installed as replacements.

The existing electrical load of 20.65KW was costing approximately £8,400.00 per annum to run. The new electrical load of 8.0KW will reduce running costs to an estimated £1,600.00 per annum due to the inclusion of EcoSense sensors included within the EcoSTAR LED luminaire to provide occupancy sensing and daylight dimming. Turning lights off when the area is unoccupied and dimming down the light output when ambient light is sufficient. Therefore total annual savings on the electrical costs were estimated at £6,800.00 per annum providing a reduction of 68.25t of CO2 emissions annually. Light levels were calculated to an average illuminance of 360 lux in each area.