Lighting Solutions

We specialise in providing highly efficient, low energy and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions to private and public businesses

Lighting Innovation

Our philosophy is to embrace new technology where it offers our customers realisable benefits. Total Lighting and Controls Limited supply the new LED lighting technology with its 50,000 hour life and we now offer a most comprehensive and cost effective range of light fittings that incorporate this technology.

LED lights have been installed in museums, galleries, churches, sports halls, swimming pools, car parks, food factories, schools, universities, offices and warehouses. These luminaires often come with a comprehensive five year guarantee.

We also offer a comprehensive range of light fittings featuring the latest generation of slimline T5 fluorescent lamp technology which offers outstanding rated average lamp life of 25,000 hours which represents 10 years life in an office where the lights are in use for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year.
At Total Lighting & Controls our philosophy is to create a more energy conscious world for our customers to provide energy savings.

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LED Lighting Solutions.

We now specialise in providing highly efficient, low energy and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions that are used by a wide range of private and public businesses throughout the UK. LED lighting is leading the way in reducing energy consumption of businesses and provides a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The savings in electricity charges provide a short return on capital investment.

The long service life of the luminaires, normally 50,000 hours, reduces maintenance costs and makes greater savings potential. LED lighting can be dimmed and switched and therefore in combination with lighting control the savings and payback can be further enhanced. Guarantees on LED life can be up to 5 years.

The light provided is instant, flicker free and can be bright, or warm white to provide the perfect lighting solution for the working environment. The good colour reproduction qualities make the LED light source also perfect for retail, galleries and museums, plus there is very little heat or infra red which can cause damage to sensitive objects or fabrics.
LED lighting can be provided in almost any colour, and colour changing if required, making it the perfect lighting solution for your environment.