Exterior Lighting


Total Lighting & Controls can provide exterior lighting solutions for car parks, sports pitches, tennis courts, streets, swimming pools & general security lighting. We can provide an extensive range of lighting solutions including specialist sports pitch lighting, tennis court lighting, stadium lighting, floodlights, LED floodlights and more traditional exterior lighting.
Outdoor lighting should be carefully designed with regard to placement, intensity, timing, duration, and colour. Good lighting will promote safety and save money.

More light is not necessarily better. If not designed and installed correctly, unsafe glare can result, reducing the effect of lighting which can contribute to accidents and hinder visibility. Lighting that is too bright interferes with the eye’s ability to adapt to darker areas.

Adhering to professionally recommended light levels provides adequate illumination. Shielded fixtures with efficient lamps are more cost-effective because they use less energy by directing the light toward the ground.

Excessive or misdirected lighting can intrude on the privacy of others when light or glare trespasses over property lines.

Our clear view of the dark starry night sky is a resource to be preserved and protected. Stray and excessive lighting contributes to “light pollution”, clutter, and unnatural “sky glow”.

Total Lighting & Controls can identify where as well as when lighting is needed. Confine and minimize lighting to the extent necessary to meet safety purposes. Plans should define the areas for which illumination is planned. Itemizing each area (e.g. sports pitch, parking lot, doorways, walkways, signage, foliage) with the anticipated hours of use. Commercial outdoor lighting should be used for safe playing of sport, safe pedestrian passage and property identification, and lit during active business hours and shut off afterward.

We can specify the correct type of light fitting to reduce light spill and reduce glare. Select the correct light source. Maybe compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge or LED lighting could be recommended. Determine whether lighting control such as daylight sensors, timers, motion detectors should turn light on and off as required. All lights should be extinguished no later than half an hour after the close of business. Additional motion sensor activated lighting can be used for emergency access.

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