Lighting Controls

Lighting ControlsLighting Controls have become an important element of lighting installations. They can:

  • Save energy as well as running costs
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Provide flexibility of use and operation for workplaces

There are two types of Lighting Controls and controllers – switches and dimmers. These can be activated by time switches, presence (or occupancy) detectors, and light sensors (photocells) the different control circuit elements can be used on their own or in combination, depending on requirements.

Light fittings are now available with their own control sensors designed for occupancy and illuminance monitoring. See ‘What is EcoSense Lighting

In the first stages of every lighting project, lighting planned in combination with a controls solutions is key to identifying the kind of solution necessary in each case. We have extensive controls to help customers choose the optimal, cost-effective and easy to use solution to cover their individual needs.