ALC15 Adjustable Photocell

The ALC15 twilight switch will turn artificial lighting on when the ambient light falls below a preset level. The artificial lighting will then be turned off either when the ambient light exceeds the preset level (auto off) or after a preset time delay (timed off).

For example, in the auto off mode the ALC15 can be used to switch external security lights on at dusk and automatically switch them off again at dawn. In the timed off mode display or sign lighting can be set to turn on when it gets dark and stay on only for a set time period.

An integral 2 minute time delay prevents nuisance switching caused by, for example, car headlights or dark clouds.

The unit has a highly accurate adjustable photocell; a selectable time delay; adjustable switching differential and is mounted in a vandal resistant weatherproof ( IP66) enclosure.

  ALC15 Adjustable Photocell (147.8 KiB, 2,220 hits)