Microwave Movement Sensor – Dimming

The MWS3-DD microwave presence detector provides automatic control of lighting loads with optional manual control. It can be used on incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting and DSI or DALI digital dimming ballasts over 1 or 2 channels. The MWS3-DD detects movement using a highly sensitive microwave detector. This works by emitting low power microwave signals and measuring the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects. The MWS3-DD has a unique adjustable sensor head that allows the area of detection to be optimised for the application.

The dimming channel of the detector can be used to control the light output of light fittings that are fitted with dimming ballasts. The detector measures the overall light level in the detection area and calculates the correct output for the lighting, to achieve a preset lux level (maintained illuminance).

The switching channel of the detector can either be used to isolate the supply to the dimming ballasts (saving on the standby current of the ballasts) or to switch a separate channel of standard, non-dimming light fittings.

Two input terminals can be used to manually override the dimming levels and override the lights on or off.

  Microwave Movement Sensor - Dimming (459.8 KiB, 1,428 hits)