Museum, Gallery & Shop Lighting

Gallery LEDMuseum, Gallery & Shop Lighting has a unique set of priorities, those of conservation and effective display. In many ways these two requirements conflict as there is a necessity to restrain lighting levels to promote the former whilst the latter requires sufficient light of a high quality to provide optimum viewing conditions. When designing lighting schemes for art galleries and museums, it can be a real team event with curators, facility managers, lighting designers, local authority officials and even the occasional artist having an opinion.

For many years, the light source option has nearly always been limited to the mature technology of tungsten halogen lamps because these offered the quality of excellent CRI (colour rendering) ensuring the art of the great and good was represented in the truest of lights, using a wide selection of beam angles that could be easily dimmed.Gallery

Total Lighting & Controls now offer a range of LED products that not only offer excellent CRI, but also a range of beam angles, control systems and dimming options all with the advantages of energy saving and almost maintenance free ownership. With no ultra violet or infra red light emitted the conservation issue in museums and galleries is addressed.

The Quartet range of LED lighting incorporates the Xicato LED lighting technology which is a recognized leader in creating LED modules that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability.

MuseumOur lighting project with the Museum in the Park, Stroud in Gloucestershire we received this wonderful feedback from Kevin Ward, the Museum Development Manager for Stroud District Council;

“The 165 new LED spots have reduced our Co2 emissions as well as providing a consistent level of lighting across the Museum and reducing the need to always be replacing bulbs (50,000hrs (LED) vs 2,000hrs (Halogen)). The LED spots have also enabled new detail in objects and paintings to be visible that previously was ‘hidden’.






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