EcoSTAR LED Elite Specifications

The EcoSTAR ELITE LEDLINE utilises the very latest Philips LED technology combined with a high transmission optic material whilst retaining a traditional louvre design. This versatile modular system gives a backlit effect which provides excellent efficiency and a high light output ratio. The luminaire can be manufactured in numerous lumen packages and sizes to optimise energy efficiency to suit the specific requirements of the client.

The EcoSTAR ELITE LEDLINE has all the benefits of the Philips LED system warranty, ensuring the end user has complete peace of mind.
Suitable for: Retail, Offices, Receptions, Corridors, Meeting and Board Rooms
Long life, low maintenance cost
Fully Dimmable
Highly durable and hard wearing due to no fragile filament or tube
Flicker free operation
No UV or IR which allows for wider applications
Instant light – LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or re-strike delay which can occur with HID lighting. Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs are not affected by switching. Therefore, regardless of switching cycles LED life will remain the same

5 year system warranty

  EcoSTAR Sirius LED Elite (63.4 KiB, 1,633 hits)