Local Authority Sports Halls Case Study

Local Authority Sports Halls and Gymnasiums in particular benefit from lighting upgrades helping towards the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). We provide a complete design, supply and installation service.

Reducing electrical costs, and therefore CO2 emissions. Improved light output providing better playing conditions and safety. Increased lamp life reducing maintenance costs.

Case Study:

Insignia LuminaireExisting 20 x 400 watt sodium light fittings Replaced with 20 x Insignia high frequency fluorescent luminaires, each having 4 x 54 watt ultra slim T5 fluorescent tubes.

Light source is instant, has no flicker and is bright white. Additional benefit with new lamps having three times the lamp life of the existing, reducing maintenance costs. Current light level of 200 lux was increased to in excess of 400 lux. Two microwave movement sensors were installed to divide the area into two zones, holding lights off when a zone is unoccupied.

Estimated current electrical costs of £4,500 per annum will hopefully provide savings of up to £3,000 per annum (67%) equating to 18.2tonnes of CO2.

New luminaires have a polycarbonate cover to provide protection against impact from balls!