Mickleton School – Hall Lighting Upgrade

Mickleton School in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire invited Total Lighting & Controls to quote for the upgrade of the hall lighting, and at the same time rewire the lighting system. The existing T5 fluorescent lighting was failing, causing a high maintenance cost as the lighting was mounted at 6.5 metres above the floor level. Added to this the emergency lighting would not operate which was a health and safety issue. The recommendation was to replace the fluorescent lighting with the Graduate LED luminaire to improve light levels, reduce running costs, eliminate costly repair bills and provide adequate emergency lighting.

The electrical load of the existing fluorescent lighting was 1.4 KiloWatts, which was reduced to 720 Watts with the Graduate LED, saving 48% on running costs. Light levels were increased from just over 150 lux average illuminance to 318 lux with a maximum of over 400 lux. The emergency lighting is now fully operable as the rewire was undertaken, and there are no more expensive maintenance bills due to the long lifetime of the Graduate LED lighting.

The installation was undertaken during the Christmas break so as not to interrupt the school term. The comments from the staff on their return to school was the hall is now much brighter and easier to teach in.