Nailcote Hall Hotel – Low Carbon Workspaces

Nailcote Hall Hotel Golf and Country Club 1After an initial energy assessment the hotel began work on a re-lamping project, converting 670 regular halogen light fittings which can use anything between 35-100 watts, into LED light fittings which only use 7 watts of power. This required an investment of £30,000 to re-lamp all the light fittings, but resulted in a saving of approximately £12,000-14,000 a year. Hence, the expected payback is just 2.5 years.

The savings achieved are not only a result of a reduction in energy use; they also include a reduction in operational costs associated with specialist maintenance. The cost of buying replacement light bulbs (approximately 3 from 700 have needed changing) has also resulted in notable decrease in overheads.