Sci-Mx Nutrition replacement warehouse lighting

Original Lighting

Sci-Mx Nutrition Ltd in Gloucester asked Total Lighting & Controls to replace the existing warehouse lighting with LED luminaires. The current 400 Watt discharge lighting was proving costly to run and with constant failures was expensive to repair considering the lighting was mounted at 9 metres high. Light levels of 70 lux were also very low due to lights not working.

The solution was to replace the discharge lighting with the Zapphira 60 watt linear LED luminaire providing 9,000 lumens light output, and with a narrow 60 degree lens is ideal for illuminating the aisles. A 90 degree lens was used for the open circulation and packing areas.

The existing 400W discharge lights had a total electrical load of 20.77KW costing approximately £6,499.00 per annum to run based on 9 hours a day, 5 days a week at 12p/KWh. Installing Zapphira 60Watt LED provides a total electrical load of 3.02KW, costing approximately £931.00 per annum to run. Therefore savings have been estimated at £5,568.00 per annum, equating to 25.08t of CO2. Light levels were almost trebled achieving close to 200 lux.

The staff and management are delighted with the new lighting scheme due to the improved light levels and no more costly repairs, plus the significant savings on their electricity bill.

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  Zapphira Industrial LED Batten (165.9 KiB, 729 hits)

Upgraded Lighting at Sci-Mx Nutrition Upgraded LED Luminaires