Sports Hall Lighting Installation Gloucestershire

Sports hall lighting installation undertaken in Gloucestershire showing before and after.

The brief from the local authority who run the sports hall in The Cotswolds was to reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve light levels. The 20 x original 400Watt Sodium discharge lights were replaced with EcoBay  luminaires, each having 4 x 54 watt T5 fluorescent tubes to provide energy savings and to improve lighting levels.

The original lighting electrical load of 9.4KW was costing in the region of £6,000.00 per annum to run. The new lighting electrical load of 4.4KW costing approximately £2,700.00, and with the addition of lighting controls to turn lights off when the area was left unoccupied, this was reduced to an estimated £1,850.00 per annum. Total estimated saving of £4,150.00 per annum produced 18.9 tonnes of CO2 savings.

Furthermore poor light levels of 200 lux were more than doubled to over 400 lux average illuminance. With energy savings of 48% and with light levels more than doubled the clients expectations were exceeded.

Sports hall lighting installation – Before and After.

Sports Hall Before After Installation