St Edward’s Hall Lighting

Total Lighting & Controls recently upgraded the lighting at St Edward’s Hall in Stow on the Wold in the Cotswolds. The existing four suspended twin 100 Watt T12 fluorescent lights were inefficient and due to lamp failures were expensive to maintain. The light levels were also poor and did not illuminate the floor and walls adequately, which meant that the numerous old paintings on the walls were difficult to see.

The solution from Total Lighting & Controls was to replace the existing fluorescent lighting with the Infinitas direct / indirect LED module. Each module being 3360mm in length, producing 99 Watts electrical output and 14,208 lumens light output. Light levels at floor level were improved and with the indirect lighting onto the ceiling the overall ambience of the room is far more pleasing. The 4000K colour temperature and RA 80 of the Infinitas LED has also improved the colour reproduction of the pictures on the wall. Movement sensors have also been installed to allow dimming for certain functions, and turns lights off automatically if the room in unoccupied.

The existing electrical load of 944 Watts has been reduced to 428 Watts, and with the addition of movement sensors and dimming savings of 68% on electricity bills can be expected. A life expectancy in excess of 51,000 hours of the Infinitas will also eliminate expensive maintenance costs.

Another perfect lighting solution for the environment has been provided by Total Lighting & Controls