Stroud Museum Showcase

Total Lighting & Controls were invited to tender for the upgrade of lighting in the seventy three showcases at Stroud Museum in the Park.

The existing fluorescent and fibre optic lighting was dated and proving unreliable. It was expensive to run and costly to maintain. Also the museum has been unable to exhibit items in the past due to the current lighting systems having no control to allow dimming.

The recommendation was to replace the existing lighting with LED strip lighting sealed within an aluminium profile. A warm 3000 Kelvin provides a subtle glow that can accentuate any defined area or feature. With a gentle 4.8w per metre, this ribbon is ideal for creating mood lighting within the showcases. Our LED strip light can emphasise any architectural detail and add a sophisticated sparkle to any interior design. Each showcase now has dimming to control the LED ribbon allowing the light levels to be set to the recommended light level.

Total Lighting & Controls has provided the ideal solution, reducing running costs, eliminating expensive maintenance and allowing Stroud Museum to exhibit items which they were previously unable to do so.