Swimming Pool Lighting – South Coast

SEA&SEA 1200HDCase Study – Swimming Pool Lighting on the South Coast of the UK

The brief was to reduce energy and maintenance costs, plus improve light levels. A total of twenty four 250Watt metal halide floodlights were replaced with 150Watt LED floodlights on a one for one basis. The current estimated lighting load of 7.08kw will cost £4,549.61 per annum to run based on 15 hours per day at 12p per kwh.

The new lighting load will be 3.6kw costing an estimated £1,586.30 per annum, saving of approximately £2,963.31 could be expected (65%).

Average illuminance levels have been calculated to 344 lux. and with an expected life of 50,000 hours of the LED’s there should be no maintenance costs for at least nine years.

We exceeded expectations on all three parts of the brief.