Local Authority Sports Halls Case Study

Light source is instant, has no flicker and is bright white. Additional benefit with new lamps having three times the lamp life of the existing, reducing maintenance costs. Current light level of 200 lux was increased to in excess of 400 lux.

External Lighting Bollards for Building Company

A building company wished to install 60 lighting bollards with 70 watt son lamps, but with a 4.9kw electrical load it would have overloaded their supply capacity for a local distribution board.

Swimming Pool installs Induction Flood Lights

Maxi Saver Induction Flood Lights installed in a swimming pool, and on an external column both providing difficult access.

Leisure Centre passive infra red sensors

A leisure centre had passive infra red and microwave movement sensors installed throughout the building to turn lights off when areas were left unoccupied.

Latest T5 Fluorescent Technology for Print Company

High Frequency control gear provided instant bright white light which is also flicker free. Microwave movement sensors were also installed to turn lights off automatically when the area was left unoccupied.